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Bobcat TL25.60 AGRI

New Super Compact TL25.60 AGRI Telehandler

After the successful launch of our TL25.60 for the construction and rental applications last September, Bobcat invites you to rethink agricultural efficiency and productivity with the new Super Compact TL25.60 AGRI Telehandler.

R-Series models were launched last year – and they’re already recognized by end-customers as Best-in-class telehandlers thanks to their reliability, toughness and ease-of-use.

So, we decided to continue this philosophy and use these Bobcat DNA attributes to build the most compact Bobcat telescopic ever built for Agriculture!

The new TL25.60 AGRI Stage V Super Compact TLS – featured with a D24 Stage V engine – is only available in Highly Regulated Countries.

The new TL25.60 AGRI model extends Bobcat’s AGRI range to 8 models.

Call one of our team today to find out more: 01761 490372